I am Chef Joel St. John, and the “Fire” in St. John’s Fire reflects the passion, spices, and BTUs it takes to fulfill my long-time dream of running my own full-service, gourmet food truck on the streets of Houston. Tortilla-Crusted Fish Tacos with mango jalapeno glaze, Seafood Bloody Mary in spicy tomato cocktail sauce, and Cajun Egg Roll with guava mustard dipping sauce are part of the regional cuisine served ranging from the coast of Florida to California. Bringing dishes from a white tablecloth atmosphere to the food truck scene, served quickly and reasonably priced.
St. John’s Fire gives you the opportunity to bring to your office, warehouse, or parking lot a gourmet mobile food experience for your employees, customers or guests. I guarantee you high-quality food that I have perfected over 25 years of experience. Please send me an email to firetrucktx@aol.com to discuss this exciting opportunity or follow us on Twitter at firetrucktx or Facebook at St. John’s Fire. Thanks!

Chef/Owner Joel St. John 
713-502-1188 firetrucktx@aol.com